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Bison, Camel, & Deer Fossils

The Bison antiquus is a late-comer to Florida, relatively speaking, having been here only about a half million years. Since it has been here a comparatively short time, its fossil remains are not as common as some other animals. Sometimes cow and bison bones are nearly indistinguishable. I often see cow jaws sold on eBay as bison.  A good way to tell them apart is that the lower edge of the bison jaw is relatively straight, and the cow jaw is more curved.
There were many types of camels in Florida, including the twelve foot high giraffe camel, but the two most common were the Hemiauchenia which was tall and slender and lived on the grasslands, and the Palaeolama which was shorter and heavier and which more closely resembled the Peruvian llama of today. Some large camel teeth are almost identical to bison teeth, but a bison tooth often has a small vertical pillar on the side between the sections which a camel never has.
The white tailed deer was very abundant during the Pleistocene period and often grew somewhat larger than it does today. The astragalus is a small bone near the calcaneus, or heel bone. It is nearly identical to the camel and bison astragalus except much smaller.

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