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Vintage Carved Bone / Ivory Carved Birds Alaska


There are two items here that are going to be sold Separately They are both Alaskan Ivory they are roughly 1.5″
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There are two items here that are going to be sold Separately They are both Alaskan Ivory they are roughly one and one half inch

Pre-ban Ivory Certificate
If you are selling, buying, shipping out of State or out of the country or importing works of art or other types of items made of ivory or comprising ivory parts or uncarved trophy tusks you should or must -as the case might be- obtain documentation or a certificate that confirms the age of the piece. We determine the age of ivory pieces and we produce reports presenting our conclusions and explaining how we reached them. Whenever possible pictures of recorded pieces of the same age are included in the report. Here, courtesy of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service are answers to frequently asked questions:
Can I sell African elephant ivory items…within a state?Under Federal law, you can sell your African elephant ivory within your state (intrastate

What does “legally acquired prior to February 26, 1976” mean?

February 26, 1976, is the date the African elephant was first listed under CITES (the pre-Convention date). An item that contains African elephant ivory that was removed from the wild prior to February 26, 1976, is considered to be a pre-Convention specimen. This does not mean that the current owner must have purchased or acquired it prior to 1976, but that the item was manufactured from ivory that was taken from the wild prior to 1976. For example, a musical instrument that was manufactured in 1965 using African elephant ivory would be considered a pre-Convention specimen. Likewise, an instrument manufactured in 1985 using ivory acquired by the manufacturer in 1975 would also be considered a pre-Convention specimen. Since it is unlawful to possess specimens that have been traded contrary to CITES or taken in violation of the ESA, the ivory must have been legally acquired.


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