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Paradoxides trilobite (Very Fine Detail)


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15.3″ long x 13.8″ wide with matrix, animal is 13.3″ long x 11.5″ wide (ONE OF THE FINEST EVER SEEN)

(**Item originally listed with Paleo Direct. Copy of listing will be included with piece**)

This Paradoxides specimen is of a more rare dark brown variety found in Morocco and is in spectacular condition and preservation. This specimen has only approximately 3% restoration, mainly to areas on the genal spines and edges of the free cheeks along with a small area on the ends of the lower left pleural fringe. Part of a very rare find in the late 1990’s. A seam was discovered that produced some of the finest Paradoxides specimens ever seen, including this specimen. Rare dark brown specimen.

Origin: Anti-Atlas Mountain Range, South Morocco

CAMBRIAN PERIOD: 543 – 510 million years ago


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