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Cambropallas telesto Trilobite Positive and Negative Plates


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Matrix is 11″ in length and 9″ in width, animal is 9.5″ in length and 6.75″ in width (100% THEY DO NOT GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS ONE)

(**Item originally listed with Paleo Direct. Copy of listing will be included with piece**)

“Natural and very large example of this species with both sides of the original rock exhibiting a large and pristine positive / negative impression. Complete specimen, with both positive and negative impression plates. This species of trilobite is rarely offered in it’s natural and genuine form as shown here. Specimen is 100% natural. There is no restoration anywhere on EITHER of each rock slab. The cephalon (head) including both eyes along with both genal spines are totally genuine as is the entire body right down to the pygidial spine impressions in the rock. Articulation, full inflation, and overall detail are very fine. Original chocolate brown hue is original and 100% intact and chemically stabilized to ensure protection. This specimen is 100% genuine. The negative in the solid limestone shows perfect preservation in both eyes, proof of their authenticity in the positive. Both eyes are without any touch-up work. Positive and negative host rock are genuine. Specimen is in 100% natural form and condition.”

Origin: Anti-Atlas Region, Northern Sahara Desert, Morocco

LOWER CAMBRIAN PERIOD: 550 million years ago


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