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Part of Fossil Baby Mammoth Tooth


Very Solid section of baby Mammoth Tooth

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Mammoth Tooth

Mammoth Tooth, BABY MAMMOTH MOLAR Mammuthus columbi  Pleistocene
3/4″ long by 1-3/8″ tall 3/4″ deep  $25 order Fl J127
COMMENTS:  A nice section of a very well preserved and attractive tooth.


The latest research indicates that the only two species of mammoth in Florida were the Mammuthus haroldcooki or early mammoth (also called Imperial Mammoth) and the later columbi. The widely known Woolly Mammoth is now thought to have ventured no farther south than present-day North Carolina. Also, some leading scientists now believe that some mammoths may have survived much later than previously thought, perhaps as recent as 4000 years ago.


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