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Allen Paleo Point Colorado


Super G-10+ point Simi translucent Agate 9,500 – 8,500 B.P.
Transitional Paleo

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This is a thin medium triangular lanceolate point with a thin elliptical to flattened cross section. The blade is slightly excurvate. The widest part this blade is usually above the base. The base is deeply concave. Hafting region grinding is commonly seen. This point has a parallel oblique flaking pattern.
Size Measurements: Total Length – 45 to 120 mm (average 55 to 65 mm), Blade Width – 18 to 33 mm (average 22 to 26 mm), Basal Concavity – 3 to 7 mm.
Distribution Comments:
This point is primarily found in the western Plains and into the Rocky Mountains. They seem to be associated with higher altitudes in these regions. This points are also found into the southern Plains region and into northeastern New Mexico.

Similar Points:Agate Basin, Alder, Angostura, Browns Valley, Fourth of July, Fredrick, Golondrina, Goshen, Meserve, Midland, Plainview
Additional Comments:This point is similar to the Fredrick point, but this point has a deeper concaved base while the Fredrick point has a straight to slightly concave base.


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