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Texas Perdiz Arrowhead


•Time Period : 1300-450 B.P.
•Location : Texas to Oklahoma.
•Shape : Stemmed

A small to medium size, thin, narrow, triangular arrow point with pointed barbs and a long, pointed to near pointed stem. Some examples are serrated. Barbs and tips are sharp.


This is a paper thin Projectile Point Small but very well made
These Points were found on Private Property in West Texas in Jeff Davis County The pictures are of the Masa where they wer found. All seventeen points that are in the picture will be listed in separate auctions and the picture of Yellow Wolf was the Comanche Chief that was likely ordered the points made.
Yellow Wolf Comanche Chief
Yellow Wolf, Spirit Talker’s nephew and Buffalo Hump’s cousin and best support, was a War Chief of the Penateka division of the Comanche Indians. He came to prominence after the Council House Fight, when Buffalo Hump called the Comanches and, along with Yellow Wolf and Santa Anna, led them in the Great Raid of 1840.


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