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Suwannee Type Point


Super Nice Point Small but complete Near Perfect condition James Knight Collection The Suwannee, named for the Suwannee River in Florida, is generally regarded as post-Clovis, Middle Paleoindian in age. It is Lanceolate in outline and only very rarely fluted

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James Knights collection Small Supper Nice point Complete Near Perfect Work Suwannee points like similar Simpson points are part of the Middle Paleoindian period. A date range of 10,800 to 10,500 B.P. is suggested by Anderson and Sassaman (l996l). However, it is thought to occur slightly later than Simpson points.
Description of Physical Characteristics and Flaking Pattern:
This is a thick medium to large articulate lanceolate with a flattened to elliptical cross section. The blade is recurvate, curving in at the tip and flaring out towards the base. The base is concave. The base is commonly thinned and grinding is seen on the hafting region, but this type is never fluted. This point has a random flaking pattern.


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