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Paleo Lanceolate Artifact – COA


Certified Paleo Lanceolate: COA included length 3-1/8″, width 1-1/16″; material: Coshocton flint; Origin: Delaware Co., Ohio

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medium point with a flattened to elliptical cross section. The most blades have serrations. This point has a random flaking pattern.
This period was characterized by a number of fluted and unfluted points, both larger and smaller than Clovis points. During this subperiod, massive extinctions of such animals as elephants, horses, camels, and other megafauna took place, and plant communities shifted location and composition in dramatic fashion. In north Georgia a spruce/pine boreal forest was replaced by northern hardwoods (oak, hickory, beech, birch, and elm), which in turn gave way to modern plant communities. Southern Georgia had an oak-hickory hardwood canopy that may have been in place throughout much of the previous glacial cycle. By the close of the Paleoindian Period, around 9000 or 8000 B.C., sea level was within a few meters of its present elevation, and climate and biota approached modern conditions. Only during the mid-Holocene (ca. 6000-2000 B.C.), however, did southern pine communities and extensive riverine cypress swamps begin to emerge in the Coastal Plain


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