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Inuit Harpoon Toggle- CERTIFIED


qty 3 Inuit Harpoon Toggles
Origin; Alaska Ex Ricky Brumfield
The Largest Length: 4-1/4″; Largest Width: 7/8″
Material: Ivory
Encoded Certification Number: 05K4AC75 Date of Evaluation: 10-14-22
Bennett’s Artifact Authentication Signed by James R. Bennett
Lot #: 33

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The toggling harpoon is an ancient weapon and tool used in whaling to impale a whale when thrown. Unlike earlier harpoon versions which had only one point, a toggling harpoon has a two-part point. One half of the point is firmly attached to the thrusting base, while the other half of the point is fitted over this first point like a cap and attached to the rest of the point with sinew or another string-like material. When the harpoon is thrust into an animal, the top half of the point detaches and twists horizontally into the animal under the skin, allowing hunters to haul the animal to ship or shore. This harpoon technology lodges the toggling head of the harpoon underneath both the animal’s skin and blubber, and instead lodges the point in the muscle, which also prevents the harpoon slipping out.


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