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Etley Blade Artifact – COA


Certified Etley knife: COA included length 6-1/4″, width 1-11/16″; material: Burlington Chert; Origin: found in Illinois before 1953, /ex f. G.H. Moldenhauer

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The Etley type is a large sized narrow blade or spearpoint with a long needle-like distal tip and a long blade with recurvate blade edges. However, in some specimens, the recurved outline of the blade is not pronounced. The Etley has a short expanding stem (however there are contracting stemmed variants) with a straight to slightly convex basal edge. The stem is usually about 1/10th the total length of the point. The Etley exhibits a distinct and pronounced barbed shoulder that usually expands, and the barbs have a tendency to point downwards and away from the blade towards the base. The barbs are usually rounded somewhat. The blade edge just above the barbs is usually incurvate until about one-half of the length of the point and then arcs in an excurvate manner to the tip. The maximum overall width usually occurs at the tip of the barbs. Flake scars are flat, expanding and massive. The blade cross section can vary from parallel-sided to triangular. Reworking due to use wear does affect the barbs which can vary from expanding to absent on highly reworked specimens.


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