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Chipola point Artifact COA


This Chipola point has 2 certifications (included). length 1-15/16″ width 1-1/8″, material: multicolored flint; origin not reported; Ex. Tom Sekula

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Named the Chipola point for the Chipola River where many examples have been recovered.

Age: Temporal placement is based on diagnostic features alone. The similarities to other Dalton types and the presence of basal smoothing would suggest an approximate date of 9,500 to 8,500 years BP.

At first glance there seems to be little difference between the Greenbriar Dalton, Hardaway Side-Notched, and Chipola points. The differences come primarily in the way the aricule meets the blade shoulder. The Chipola is more angular and separated from the blade than the Greenbriar Dalton and is more pronounced than the Hardaway Side-Notched point. The blade is triangular with excurvate edges. The shoulders may be angular or rounded.

Distribution: The primary area of distribution is along and southwest of Georgia’s fall line.


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