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Large Devonian Goniatite


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13.5″ wide x 11″ high x 2.7″ thick (STAND INCLUDED) (Pick Up at shop in Orlando $50 Off retail Price)

(**Item originally listed with Paleo Direct. Copy of listing will be included with piece**)

This Devonian Goniatite has rare size and detail, is a 100% natural specimen, and has highly visible chambers on both the front and back side. The unpolished side shows chambers run to the end, indicating the specimen is 100% authentic and an enormous size specimen. One side is polished to bring out detail and color. It is completely natural with no painting or dye. The matrix in which it was found was ground off the fossil and the remaining shell was polished and shaped true to where the original shell existed.

Origin: Sahara Desert, Morocco

DEVONIAN PERIOD: 395 – 345 million years ago


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