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Carcharodontosaurus saharicus Dinosaur Tooth 4.5″X1.3″


100% natural no glue no patch This is the nicest specimen for sale on the internet

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4.50″ long on the curve x 1.3″ wide (AFRICAN T-REX) Great Example of 100% complete no restoration all serrations Tooth OVER FOUR INCHES
this tooth is complete A genuine and single massive specimen. No restoration. Enamel is well-preserved and the color is genuine. The tip is genuine and original and the specimen has sharp serrations. Found in the 1990’s. All pieces are present from one single tooth.
Origin: “Taouz” region, Kem Kem Fossil Beds, North Sahara, South Moracco
LATE CRETACEOUS PERIOD: 66 million years ago


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