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Carchardonontosaurus saharicus Hand (Manus) Dinosaur Claw


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3″ long on the curve x 1.7″ wide at the proximal end

(**Item originally listed with Paleo Direct. Copy of listing will be included with piece**)

US preparer’s best guess is a Carchardonontosaurus claw, as Moroccan dinosaur claws can be difficult to identify. Found in the 1990’s. Minute pores in claw surfaces are present and visible and the claw is complete with the exception of restoration to the last 0.5″ of the tip. The surface is dense and intact. The rear of the claw is also complete and intact. The honey-gold color of the claw is genuine.

Origin: Kem Kem Fossil Beds (former Tegana Formation), North Sahara, South Moracco

LATE CRETACEOUS PERIOD: 66 million years ago


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