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Epicyon Saevus


Epicyon Saevus; late Miocene; Swanee River FL; 4 pcs: toe bone 1-3/8×5/8″, tooth cap 3/4×5/8″, metapodial 2-3/4×5/8″ (@widest part) and 1st Phalange toe bone 1-1/8×1/2″

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Epicyon is a large, extinct, canid genus of the subfamily Borophaginae (“bone-crushing dogs”), native to North America. Epicyon existed for about 15 million years from the Hemingfordian age of the Early Miocene, to the Hemphillian of the Late Miocene. Epicyon is the largest known canid of all time, with the type species reaching 2.4 m (7.9 ft) in length, 90 cm (35 in) in shoulder height and approximately 100–125 kg (220–276 lb) in body mass. The largest known humerus specimen belonged to an individual weighing up to 170 kg (370 lb).


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