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Giant Perisphinetid Ammonite 50 lb


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22.75″ wide x 19″ high THIS ITEM WEIGHTS 50 Pounds and would have to be picked up at the Shop in Orlando Fl.

(**Item originally listed with Paleo Direct. Copy of listing will be included with piece**)

Perisphinctid species of Cretaceous ammonites. Large, detailed ammonite shows untouched, natural chamber and structural body detail on the reverse side. An uncommon type compared to the more prevalent Procheloniceras which is thicker and with a more robust chamber pattern. Viewed from the edge, it is much more laterally compressed and streamlined. The individual ridges that make up each chamber are finer and more delicate. Same shell detail is also evident on the reverse, testifying to its authenticity. The ridges of the chambers are evident in faint form on the reverse at the boundary where the matrix removal was stopped. This ammonite is solid stone featuring the ridged surface on both sides of shell. Genuine massive specimen with nice form and symmetry. This specimen exhibits rare size, highly detailed front from the center all the way to the end, natural color, and untouched natural chamber and ribbed structural body detail on the reverse side.

Origin: Agadir, Coastal Morocco

MID CRETACEOUS PERIOD: 112 – 99.6 million years ago


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