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I got a call six weeks to eight weeks ago from Jim & Ruby Tatum the owners of Paleo Enterprises. They asked me to meet with them the following week when I was in Ft White. At that time they Informed me that they were ready to get out of the fossil business. I was very disappointed that there would not be a place to look for information and fossils from the south anymore. Jim provided the best supply of Florida Fossils to all of us (me for twenty years) and all of y’all for as long or longer. I was taken by surprised that they were getting out of the business but more taken back when they asked me if I would be interested in taking it over. I am guessing Y’ll know what the answer was. Hello I am John Hammond from Orlando Fl the new Fossil procurement officer at Paleo Enterprises I am not nearly as knowledgeable as Jim is but will do what I can to help y’ll continue to enhance your collections.  I am looking forward to helping y’ll with anything needed.   Thanks johnh

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